How to Shorten Links and Create a URL Shortener Using CloudApp

There are several ways you can shorten a CloudApp link with the desktop app. They are:

1. Use a shortcut (Mac: CONTROL+ALT+R) to automatically upload the URL of the page you are on to CloudApp, and it will automatically create a shortened URL that you can share. The link will be automatically added to your clipboard:


2. Using your computer's keyboard shortcuts, you can copy the link you'd like to shorten and paste it into CloudApp's desktop app when it is open:

3. Drag the website link to the desktop app icon:

If you'd like any of your CloudApp links to be even shorter, you can select the 'Shorten URL' in the '...' options. Just keep in mind that a shortened URL that is only 4 characters is much less secure.

Shorten the link to the fewest amount of characters this way:



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