How can I download my CloudApp files?




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    Jose Manuel

    what about multiple files?


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    Dénes Papp

    how to download all files? It's often nice to have a local backup of them

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    It's been over year now when I suggested that the "bulk file download" feature is a MUST!

    Nobody seems to listen.

    Right now I'm in the app, wasting my time again - need to download 30 image captures I took from yesterdays webinar.

    What a waste of time...



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    Ross Geography

    please allow zip up and download of files via multi-select or a collection.
    Ruby API script no longer working - afaik

    this is deeply frustrating and makes me wonder why I would allow screen grabs to become captive in this way.

    Please prioritise this much needed feature.

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    Dénes Papp

    This is the only reason why I don't switch to a paid plan. It's a pain to bulk download screenshots at the moment so I rather not use Cloudapp as often as I would like

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