How can I download all of my CloudApp files? How can I export my files? Export my drops




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    Jose Manuel

    what about multiple files?


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    Dénes Papp

    how to download all files? It's often nice to have a local backup of them

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    Ross Geography

    please allow zip up and download of files via multi-select or a collection.
    Ruby API script no longer working - afaik

    this is deeply frustrating and makes me wonder why I would allow screen grabs to become captive in this way.

    Please prioritise this much needed feature.

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    Dénes Papp



    Today (2019. 02. 26) CloudApp finally made it possible to automatically download new drops (screenshots, screen recordings, etc) to Google Drive or Dropbox via Zapier.


    New screenshot/recording > CloudApp saves it > Dropox/Google Drive saves it






    This won't save the problem for existing screenshots and recordings but it will solve the issue for new drops

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    Thanks Denes!


    At least a workaround :)


    Although I don't see why sth as simple as a bulk download isn't still implemented.



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    Can't get it to work with Zapier.

    When testing the integration, it works.

    When uploading new drops, it doesn't.



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    The Ruby script has been updated, and directions to follow the steps have been added above.

    We plan to simplify this script into an eventual 'download' button from your account soon to make it easier 

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