How do I setup and use the Groups feature? What does the Groups feature do? How can I add security across departments?

CloudApp's Groups feature allows an organization to set default security settings for the sharing of company assets and content.

The most common use case that this Groups feature was built for, is a scenario pictured below:


If your company has adopted CloudApp across multiple departments, you will most likely want to setup and enable different security and permission settings based on the role and responsibility of the employee within that department.

To set this up, you'll want to do the following:

  • 'Add Group', which creates a new group of users that you can set default permission and security settings for
    1. Example: "Support' / 'Sales' / etc
  • 'Add Members', which allows you to select the team members who you'd like to create security settings for


Security Settings within Groups


This tab allows you to fine tune and customize how content can be shared.

  • 'Security Settings'
    • 'Anyone with the link can access files'
      • This setting allows your team to send links to anyone and view them. This is the default setting
    • 'Only members of the CloudApp Org can access files'
      • This setting locks access down to only members of your team to view content
  • 'IP-Based Restrictions'
    • 'Restrict access on files to specific IP addresses'
      • You can lock down access to a shared link based on the IP address that the person is viewing the content from
    • 'Only allow users to login from specific IP addresses'
      • You can lock down the ability to login to CloudApp, either on the website or the native apps, based on their IP address
  • 'File Settings'
    • You can set retention periods for how long the data that has been created lasts for. If you'd like you can set expiration periods of
      • 1 hour
      • 1 day
      • 1 week
      • 1 month
      • 3 months
      • 6 months
    • This can be useful if you'd like your support team to be able to easily share content, but have that content automatically deleted after 30 days for legal purposes.
  • 'Watermark'
    • Watermarks can be automatically added to your content for security or branding purposes. A watermark could be as simple as a company logo. 
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