Setting up the CloudApp integration for Intercom

CloudApp makes communicating with your team, customers, and prospects fast and easy. Quickly create GIFs, screen recordings, and annotated screenshots with CloudApp. Then send this content to your customers or prospects to more easily explain or answer a question.

As soon as your customer or prospect opens the CloudApp link, you can choose to automatically pop up an Intercom chat and engage with them right there, or set up a delay to only start chatting with them after they've visited the content for a sufficiently long time.

Getting Started by adding the Intercom Code to your Team Page

  1. Create a free team account

  2. Visit the 'Customize' page within your teams account

  3. Find the 'Custom JS' section and add your Intercom JS Code 

Share a link to a video, GIF, or screenshot you've created and get chatting!

Once you've added the Intercom code, you can start to have conversations directly on any of the video/image content that you share with your customers and prospects! 

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