Setting up the CloudApp integration for Slack

The CloudApp Slack integration makes communicating with your team fast and easy. Quickly create GIFs, screen recordings, and annotated screenshots with CloudApp. Then send them to a Slack channel to get the point across.It's the easiest and fastest way to communicate and collaborate with your team in Slack.

By using a hotkey of your choice (check how to set it below), take a screenshot and post it directly in Slack. Pick a channel, add a message, post your content. CloudApp adapts to your workflow so you don't waste time opening windows or apps, looking for your content in your desktop files and uploading large files. Sharing a piece of your mind is as easy as this 10 seconds GIF.

Connect Slack to your CloudApp account

There are two ways to add the Slack Integration to CloudApp:

  1. From the Preferences Menu  
  2. From the Annotation Window

Choose a hotkey for Capture + Do

Inside the app, we called that integration feature 'Cap+Do' and you can choose whatever hotkey you like in Preferences>Shortcuts. Press Record shortcut button to select your new hotkey.


 Note: "Capture + Do" feature is not available yet on the Windows app.

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