How can I turn on/off audio recording? How do I add sound to my recording?




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    Nick McIntyre

    That is for the microphone only. Is there a way to record system audio?

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    Hey Nick, there's not a way to record system audio, but we'll look into it !

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    Nick McIntyre

    I don't know if the feature has not been programmed or if it is intentional, but I found a workaround. I use BOOM 2 to equalize my audio on my computer.  When BOOM is turned on it will indeed record the audio from my computer, which is very helpful for myself because I am a video editor. 

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    rick smith

    Ji, I'm using your trail pro. iy has no microphone to turn sound up or down

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    K Khan

    Hi, need record system audio, is it possible?

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    Dear CloudApp Team,

    I just did a video recording of a videochat, just to find out that system sound is not being recorded.
    Now I have a very nice video recording with only half the audio... :-( 

    By searching how to solve what I thought was a lack of knowledge or configuration error on my side, I noticed this quite old post and am asking myself how this is still not implemented into CloudApp... 

    You present CloudApp as "The Best Screen Recording App for Windows" (see, and for most aspects this is true (your solution is very intuitive, the recording is easy to start, and the video is lightweight compared to other solutions), but what interest does a screen recorder have if there is no way to record system audio?

    Is this still something you are "looking into" (like Scott said one year ago) or did you decide to skip this basic but essential feature in the meantime?

    Don't get me wrong, I am very happy overall with all features of CloudApp, but it just sucks to need additional software for doing such tasks which I thought CloudApp could easily manage...

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