What is a drop?

A drop is what we call a file you’ve uploaded to CloudApp, or a link you’ve used CloudApp to shorten. Drops are classified by either screenshots, annotated screenshots, GIFs, or HD screen recordings you’ve uploaded to your CloudApp account. They include a special short or long URL along with a viewer page and various ways to access that file.

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    Dr Donna K Buechler

    how do I put something in my Cloud, then how would I share it.

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    Julie McCollough

    Hi Donna,

    First step is to download CloudApp ( then you can create files of screenshots and videos (we call these "drops") then on each file upload, you'll get a private sharable link you can send via email, slack, chat, etc.

    I always want to clarify we are not Apple's iCloud and if you are looking to back up your iPhone please contact 


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