How to annotate, draw, and edit images, GIFs, and screenshots in CloudApp?

CloudApp provides you with all the tools you need to visually communicate ideas, share feedback, and collaborate with friends and co-workers. Easily annotate images and GIFs with lines, shapes, arrows, blur, emoji and more.


Annotate any image in CloudApp

Available on Mac; Windows; and Web

Start Annotating


  • Use shortcut 'Cmd + Shift + A' to capture a screenshot and instantly open an annotate window (customize the shortcut in Preferences menu)Screen_Recording_2017-10-21_at_10.50_PM.gif


  • Hover over a captured photo, image, or screenshot from the CloudApp menu and select the 'Annotate'
    1. Image_2017-06-26_at_5.10.54_PM.public.png


  • Use shortcut 'Alt + Shift + 0' to capture a screenshot and instantly open an annotate window (customize the shortcut in Preferences menu)


  • Hover over a photo, image, or screenshot and select the 'Annotate' option



When you or your team or customers view any of your shared CloudApp links as images or screenshots, click on the 'Annotate' icon

Annotate Options






Use Annotate Tools

Arrow Tool


Use the Arrow tool to point out an exact spot or item on an image or GIF with arrows:

    1. Select the arrow tool.
    2. Hold and drag to the spot on the image you want the arrow to point. The arrow points and stretches in the direction you drag

 Line & Shape Tools


Use the Line & Shape tools to call attention to specific areas.

To annotate your image or GIF with lines and shapes do the following:

  1. Select the icon corresponding to the shape you want to use (lines, circles, and squares)
  2. Hold and drag over the area of the image where you want the shape to appear

Use the Text tool to add text to your image or GIF
  1. Select the Text tool icon
  2. Click the spot where you want the text to appear. A text cursor appears.
  3. Type the text you want to display
  4. To edit the text or change the text format, select the text box and drag to increase or decrease the size of the text

Use the Pen tool to freehand draw with digital ink. 


To draw and highlight areas on your image do the following:

  1. Select the Pen tool icon to do freehand drawings
  2. Hold and drag over the image to draw with digital ink.

Use the Blur (Pixelate) tool to blur portions of an image you don't want to share, such as faces or other personal information:


  1. Tap the Blur icon
  2. Hold and drag over the area you want to pixelate.

Use the Crop tool to select only the part of the image you want, and remove the rest


  1. Select the Crop tool icon
  2. Hold and drag over the area you want to include in the image. Once you release your finger, everything outside of the selected area will be removed.
  3. Click 'Enter'/'Return' on your keyboard to confirm selection


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